Emmerdale Spoliers: Andy leaves hospital and goes looking for Sarah

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Lily starts the week by telling a few porky pies. She informs the girls at the factory that they misread the raffle ticket number and didn’t win after all. The blame quickly falls on Pearl, who memorised the number. Everyone is shocked, but Val takes things a little too far when she starts berating Pearl’s stupidity.

Lily starts to feel incredibly guilty about her lies – not guilty enough to tell the truth though it seems! Will she continue to let her friend Pearl take the blame or will she confess that she gave the winning ticket to Peter?

Victoria is in for a shock this week too. Diane tells her that the rumours about Andy hitting Jo are all completely true. The poor girl just can’t believe he’s capable of that

At the hospital, Andy is frustrated to hear that he won’t get out for another week. Unable to take it anymore, he discharges himself.

Jo, Victoria and Debbie’s girls afternoon of wine drinking and DVD watching is soon interrupted when a scarily angry Andy turns up. He’s in a real temper and searches the house for Sarah before lunging at both Jo and Debbie. Daz bears witness to the whole sorry episode and finally admits that this is the truth about his brother.

Debbie, Jo and Victoria head to the pub and fill Diane in about what’s happened. She goes to Butlers and finds Andy with a bottle of tequila, having taken a number of pills. Diane’s incredulous when he blames her affair with Billy for all his troubles. Diane’s not concerned and tells him to go ahead and top himself as no-one will care. Will this troubled and violent young man take her advice?

Elsewhere in the dales, you can still cut the atmosphere with a knife between Jake and Jasmine. Things get worse when Shane decides that he’s going to prop up the bar at the Woolpack all day. In an attempt to smooth things over with Jasmine, Jake organises a party to celebrate Mel and Greg selling their house, but he angers Shane by not inviting him. Jasmine is pleased she’s going and obviously still has feelings for Jake. Are relations about to resume for the young couple?