Emmerdale Spoilers: Jo stops Andy returning to the farm

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Andy’s happy to be leaving hospital at the start of the week. But his glee is short lived when Diane tells him that Jo doesn’t want him to return to the farm. With nowhere to go, Andy reluctantly accepts Diane’s offer to stay at the pub. But he’s not the only one who’s unhappy about that. When Val finds out she hits the roof. Will Diane be able to persuade her that Andy needs his family right now?

Jo has her own fears about the future too. She tells Debbie that she thinks the Sugdens won’t let her keep the farm. Does she have a right to be worried?

Later in the week, Jo allows Andy to see his daughter, Sarah, but makes it clear that it will only be on her terms. She also publicly hands him suitcases full of his clothes. Will Andy be content to go along with Jo’s rule?

Amazingly, Andy has managed to keep one friend in the village – Katie. He admits his violent behaviour to her and although she’s disappointed in him, she lends her support. Will Andy ever be able to put his violence behind him and build up his life again?

Donna and Marlon return to the dales this week. Understandably, Donna is dreading facing Ross. When they finally meet up, Ross is clearly gutted to find out that Donna and Marlon are trying for a baby. He tries to tell her that he still loves her and thinks she’s making a mistake. But will Donna pay any attention to his pleas?

When Donna returns to work, it’s clear it’s not going to be plain sailing there either. Shane makes life tricky for the two by putting Ross and Donna on shifts together. It only gets worse when Shane tricks Ross into admitting that something has gone on between him and Donna. Will Shane keep that bombshell to himself?

The flirting between Anna and Matthew reaches a high this week. A boat trip on the lake, leads to dinner, which leads to a romantic kiss, which leads to…yes, you’ve guessed it, a night of passion.

But what are Anna’s real motives behind her romantic dalliance with Matthew? It’s clear that even she’s confused about that question. She seems to be torn between true feelings for him and using the relationship to gain information on behalf of her father, Donald. At some point she’s going to have to pick where her priorities lie. Will they be with Matthew or her father?

Elsewhere in the dales, Doug is upset when he finds out that Ashley and Laurel are off to visit a church in Leeds. Edna is also mortified to hear of their plans and decides to take action. The villagers come together to save the church by setting up a choir. They want to enter a regional singing competition. But have this choir got what it takes to win? It might be a good time to put your fingers in your ears!

Emmerdale Spoilers: Jo stops Andy returning to the farm