Patient blackmailed GP over “gay” massage

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A fitness to practise panel of the General Medical Council has heard how a doctor was blackmailed for more than two years by a patient who claims he was sexually assaulted by him.

Dr Lewis Dickinson is charged with “conduct towards a patient (that) was inappropriate, an abuse of his professional position and sexually motivated.

“It is also alleged that Dr Dickinson’s performance was a cause for concern or unacceptable in several areas of his professional practice,” according to GMC documents.

The patient, an HIV positive asylum seeker from Ghana, was given a massage by Dr Dickinson at his Camberwell surgery.

He claims his genitals were handled by the doctor, who mastubated him.

At their next appointment, the patient confronted Dr Dickinson about the incident and was offered “£100 a week for the rest of his life to keep him quiet,” reports the South London Press.

Dr Dickinson paid for more than two years, but when he stopped the patient went to the police, where he was charged with blackmail.

The doctor avoided any charges but faces being struck off if the GMC panel finds he broke professional conduct rules.

The hearing continues.