Video: Beam me up Sulu – Shatner’s bizarre rant against gay Star Trek star

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Actor William Shatner has complained that a co-star he “literally” doesn’t know did not invite him to his gay wedding.

Star Trek actor George Takei, who played Mr Sulu in the iconic sci fi series, got married to his partner Brad Altman at the Japanese National Museum in Los Angeles in September.

The ceremony featured bagpipes, a Buddhist priest and Native American wedding bands.

Enterprise crew members stars Walter Koenig (Mr Chekhov) and Nichelle Nichols (Lieutenant Uhura), were best man and best lady.

Mr Shatner, who played Captain James Kirk, is not well-liked by many of his co-stars on the show.

He has had an eclectic post-Star Trek career, including releasing several albums and a starring role as TV cop TJ Hooker.

“The whole thing makes me feel badly,” Shatner, 77, said in the video posted on his website.

“Poor man, it’s so patently obvious that there is a psychosis there. I don’t know what his original thing about me was, I have no idea.

“I literally don’t know him – I didn’t know him very well on the series, but he’s continued to speak badly of me all these years.

“You’d think there would be an epiphany at some point where he’d say – as he and I don’t have many years left in this world – ‘I wish him well’, but instead what he does is makes a big deal about not inviting me to his wedding.”

Mr Takei, 71, said Mr Shatner was invited to the wedding but did not respond.

“We’ve done six movies together, three seasons of television and been doing Star Trek conventions together for the last 40-plus years – yes I guess he doesn’t know us,” he said today.

“By my sending an invitation to him was burying the hatchet – we keep reaching out and he takes it and twists it and turns it into something that’s ugly.”

California’s state Supreme Court ruled in May that gay and lesbian couples could legally marry.

There are new attempts to stop same-sex marriage in the state.

Proposition 8 is an initiative measure on the 2008 California General Election ballot in November.

It would amend the state Constitution to “eliminate right of same-sex couples to marry.”