Real Housewives star Heather Dubrow is a truly legendary, iconic parent to her three LGBTQ+ kids

Heather Dubrow's family

Heather Dubrow is definitely in the running for Mom of the Year! In fact, we’d quite like her to adopt us.

The 55-year-old American actress and TV personality is best known as a cast member of the Bravo reality show The Real Housewives of Orange County. She’s been on the show since 2012. 

In a new interview, Dubrow shared details of the LGBTQ+ family she shares with Botched doctor Terry Dubrow.

As The Real Housewives of Orange County fights on behalf of Max, Kat, Ace and all other LGBTQ+ youth, she opened up to E! News how she’s inviting others to get a ladder and reach her standards.

Dubrow’s LGBTQ+ children include her eldest daughter Max (20) who is bisexual. Max’s twin brother Nick is Dubrow’s oldest son.

Then there’s Kat (17) who is gay.

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Also, Ace (13) shared with the family that he is trans.

After the announcement, Dubrow hit back at claims she was using her son’s transition for popularity. On her podcast, she stated she would never “leverage” her children for “content.”

“Love them, protect them, take care of them”

Speaking to E! News, Dubrow noted that she sees her main role as a parent to be “to support them and defend them and take care of them and guide them. So whoever your children are and however they identify, that’s your job: Love them, protect them, take care of them.”

Dubrow, who’s proven herself to be a fierce ally, said the most important lesson she has to share with parents of an LGBTQ+ child is “to listen because people just want to be heard.”

Real Housewives of Orange County star Heather Dubrow wears a black dress as she poses for the camera
Real Housewives of Orange County star Heather Dubrow shared her love and support for her youngest son, Ace, who came out as trans. (Getty)

She also noted parents that can “talk at our kids and give them our words of wisdom and teach them our lessons. And the truth is, you learn a lot more by listening, and it helps them more to let them speak.”

She went on to note that at this point in her career, she is using her platform to help support the LGBTQ+ community. 

Dubrow explained she works for LGBTQ+ non-profits The Trevor Project and GLAAD, she has a partnership with Family Equality and that she volunteers at the Los Angeles LGBT Center.

“I look forward to the day when we don’t need the parades,” Dubrow added, “not that I don’t love them and the celebrations, but wouldn’t it be great when everyone can just be?”

Reflecting on her own relationship with her parents, Dubrow acknowledged she grew up in “a family that was very 1950s and no one ever talked about anything and everything was sort of brushed under the rug.”

From this upbringing, she promised herself that if she were to have a family she would not follow the template of her parent’s parenting: “And so I have to say I’m proud of them, I’m proud of me, I’m proud of us as a family for having the communication that we have.”

Other celebrity parents of LGBTQ+ kids

Dubrow isn’t the only celebrity parent who displays out and proud allyship to their LGBTQ+ children.

Fellow The Real Housewives of Orange County star Alexis Bellino also has a trans son.

Bellino opened up about Miles’ transition in 2022: “He’s tired of the misgendering and confusion people have, so we are setting the record straight.”

Bellino went on to say Miles is the “same child with his kind heart” and is “brave enough to step forward at such a young age.” 

Other star celebs include actor and producer Jamie Lee Curtis whose daughter, Ruby, came out as trans in 2022 – and she’s been nothing but loving and supportive.

The Freaky Friday actor celebrated her daughter’s second wedding anniversary, sharing: “Two years ago today, on a gorgeous Cali day Ruby and Kynthia were married in our backyard at a cosplay wedding for the ages.”

“Love, laughter, yummy food and drink and a family uniting and blending and becoming. Happy day. Wife is sweet!”

There is also gay icon Cher who is the mother of a trans son, writer and musician Chaz Bono. 

Admitting she didn’t handle her son’s coming out too well, the ‘Believe’ singer reflected: “It took me a minute. Because you’ve been with a child for 40 years, and then all of a sudden… but you know what? Chaz was so happy!”

Cher said Chaz has “always had the biggest heart” and praised him and her second son Elijah Blue Allman for their good moral compasses.

Basketball icon Dwyane Wade has consistently been supporting his daughter Zaya, who came out as transgender publicly in 2020.

With his wife Gabrielle Union-Wade, Wade has taken a stand against bigots by fiercely championing Zaya’s identity in speeches, social media posts and interviews.

British actress Naomi Watts recently stepped out proudly with her trans daughter Kai Schreiber at a Brooklyn fashion show.

Other LGBTQ+ parents include Sex and the City Cynthia Nixon, White Chicks actor Marlon Wayans, and NYAD star Annette Bening.

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