EastEnders Spoilers: Roxy has a baby girl

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There’s a very dramatic start to the week in Walford. After a run in with Archie, Sean walks away from the Vic unaware that inside Roxy is going into labour. She’s screaming for Sean, but he’s busy sulking. An ambulance soon arrives to whisk the expectant mother to hospital, but she insists that she’s not going anywhere without Sean. It seems like she’s got no choice though as the baby is well on its way. Archie promises to find the lad.

Meanwhile, Sean’s found his way into the deserted club and is followed in by Stacey. The two of them drink to drown their sorrows. Stacey tries to persuade her brother to talk things over with Roxy.

At the hospital, it’s starting to look as though Sean has let Roxy down again. She’s terrified as she delivers the baby without her man around. But the drama’s not over yet, there are complications and the baby is taken away to the neonatal unit. Eventually, Roxy is allowed to see her new daughter.

When Sean eventually hears the news and rushes to the hospital it’s too much too late to help. Roxy tells him that she no longer needs him, she’s managed fine without him this evening. Could this be the end of their tumultuous affair? How will Sean react to being snubbed? And more importantly, will the new baby girl pull through?

Max is also still in hospital this week, but showing signs of recovery. In fact, the doctors decide to wake him up. But what condition will he be in? And will he remember who caused the accident? Jack and Bradley certainly seem edgy about the prospect. Lauren’s not that enthusiastic either. Do any of them have anything to hide?

Elsewhere in the square, Jane is surprised to find boxes of Linda’s stuff in the house. It seems that her mum’s left her dad. When Jane offers to call her dad and try to help make amends, she shocked to find out the truth. Her dad’s been having an affair with a nurse. How will she and Christian react to that news? And does this mean that Linda’s staying in the Walford for good?

Whitney nearly gets herself into hot water when she goes to kiss Tony and narrowly avoids being caught by Bianca. Tony reprimands her for her behaviour and warns her that another stunt like that and they won’t be going anywhere. Are these two sailing too close to the wind? Will Bianca eventually realise what’s been going on right under her nose?
EastEnders Spoilers: Roxy has a baby girl