Trans woman runs for mayor in Idaho

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A trans woman running for mayor in Nampa in the US state of Idaho says she has been warmly received by voters.

Melissa Sue Robinson filed her application last month after announcing her plans to run for the role in June.

She ran campaigns for mayor twice in Lansing, Michigan. Unlike those campaigns, which saw her receive transphobic abuse and attack from far-right group Stormfront, voters in Nampa seem remarkably unconcerned about her gender history.

Robinson told AP she had not yet met a person she disliked in the city, adding “People are going to say I haven’t been here long enough, but if you get me behind the mayor’s desk I’m going to run this city.”

She was born male but underwent gender reassignment in 1998. She was previously a Republican and has a background in telecommunications.

She has focused much of her campaign on taxes to support public transport and construction ordinances for the city.

She has also said she is aware that her candidacy may provoke some negative responses in the voting public, but plans to stand regardless.

One local news source, the Ridenbaugh Press, described Robinson’s declaration as “provocation rather than substantial candidacy”, adding that she has “not been active in civic life in Nampa, hasn’t been in the city long enough to get to know it [and] evidently lacks relevant experience at Nampa city hall.”

Robinson will be going up against the incumbent mayor Tom Dale in the elections, which are due to take place in November.