Video message to gay teens: ‘It gets better’

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After reports of a spate of suicides among gay US teenagers, a gay journalist has launched a YouTube channel to encourage troubled gay young people not to harm themselves.

Dan Savage, a writer and columnist, has acted as an agony uncle to depressed gay young people through his column ‘Savage Love’.

In the video, which has been viewed by 400,000 people, he and his partner Terry recount their experiences of being bullied and urge youngsters that life does get better.

Mr Savage said: “When a gay teenager commits suicide, it’s because he can’t picture a life for himself that’s filled with joy and family and pleasure and is worth sticking around for.

“So I felt it was really important that, as gay adults, we show them that our lives are good and happy and healthy and that there’s a life worth sticking around for after high school.”

The video has been supported by a number of celebrities, including Anne Hathaway, Ke$ha and Kristin Cavalli.

In the video, the writer, who has a young son, reminisced about standing on a snowy mountaintop with him and his partner.

Mr Savage’s partner, Terry, said: “Those moments make it so worth sticking out the bullying and the pain and the despair of high school. And if you can just do that, you have moments like that and so many more, ahead of you.”

Other celebrities, such as gay blogger Perez Hilton, have filmed their own videos to encourage gay teenagers to get through bullying and harassment.

Hundreds of people have commented on the channel or filmed their own home-made videos.

To watch Dan and Terry’s video, see below.