Video: Adam Lambert records message for gay teens

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Gay singer Adam Lambert is the latest celebrity to record a video message telling bullied gay teenagers that life gets better.

He said in the YouTube clip that some people will always be homophobic but teenagers don’t have to let them win.

Lambert was apparently filmed for the short black and white video backstage at a gig.

He said: “There’s always gonna be people that are scared of it. But at the end of the day, if you give those bullies and those people that are so ignorant and fearful of your lifestyle, if you give them the power to affect you, you’re letting them win and they don’t deserve that.

“What you’re doing by being who you are is you’re keeping it real and you’re being really brave. I believe in you, I think it’s great. There are a ton of us out here in this world that are just like you that believe in you.”

“You are so much more than your orientation. You know it, and I know it. So don’t let those bullies and those ignorant, fearful, small-minded people prove you wrong. You have to be strong, and you have to pay attention to the positive, and in doing so, you will push through, and you will rise up, and you will live your life to the fullest. It gets better, but it’s up to you.”

The It Gets Better project was started by gay journalist Dan Savage after a spate of gay teenage suicides in the US.

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