Elton John introduces new baby Zachary

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Elton John and David Furnish have posed for their first pictures with new son Zachary.

The baby was born to a surrogate mother on Christmas Day and appears with the couple on the cover of OK! magazine.

John told the magazine: “He shot out like a rocket. There just aren’t proper words to describe that feeling ever. It’s indescribable. It was just, ‘We have a son!’”

He also revealed that he would not spoil the child.

“I’m ready to have a child and lavish my love on our son and not spoil him materially,” he said.

The couple said that they had not given up hope of caring for an HIV-positive Ukrainian toddler and his three-year-old brother.

They met the pair at an orphanage for children whose parents had fallen victim to AIDS last year.

John said at the time that Lev, 18 months, had “stolen” his heart. The couple were not allowed to adopt the children because John was deemed too old.

He told OK!: “We’re still consulting about finding the best possible home for them.”

Furnish added: ‘We feel awful. We keep hitting red tape. But we’re not giving up until they’re out and in a safe, supported home.”