Man claims he had four-year gay affair with killer Raoul Moat

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Killer Raoul Moat had a four-year affair with another man, it has been claimed.

According to the Sun, 34-year-old Carl Redford says he and Moat slept together up to three times a week.

Mr Redford said: “Raoul had a certain image – and being gay didn’t fit with that. He found me attractive and I was flattered. We satisfied each other.”

He said he met Moat because his cousin lived next door to Moat and his girlfriend at the time, Marissa Reid.

“Whenever he knew I was round at my cousin’s he would get me to go over to his place,” Mr Redford said.

“We got very friendly and we became closer and closer.

“I could tell from very early on that he liked me. As a gay man you get to learn the signs.”

Mr Redford said the pair stopping seeing each other because Moat was suffering mood swings and had been “warped” by steroid abuse.

Moat killed himself last July after murdering his ex-girlfriend’s new partner, injuring her and blinding a police officer.

He was on the run for a week before killing himself.