Gay love triangle for TV’s Glee

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A gay love triangle is poised to beset the musical students from Glee with the introduction of a new “villain” in the third season.

The cult hit’s first two seasons have been praised for treatment of gay story lines and characters.

The show follows an optimistic teacher restoring his old school’s Glee Club and inspiring a group of misfit students to meet their potential.

Main character, Kurt Hummel, played by Chris Colfer, found love last season with Blaine Anderson, from rival school Dalton Academy.

But clouds gather over the pair this autumn as new boy Sebastian, portrayed by Grant Gustin, sets his sights on Kurt’s boyfriend.

Guston told the Hollywood Reporter: “He’s a guys-guy, just a dude who happens to be gay, he’s a lacrosse player, he’s popular.

“He’s after Blaine, obviously, and he’s also trying to take the place that Blaine had as the leader of the Warblers.”

On Sebastian’s impact on Kurt and Blaine’s relationship, he hinted: “It’s going to show these two aren’t together because they’re the only two gay characters.”

“We don’t really know yet if I’m going to split them up yet, but this is ending their honeymoon phase and making them more like the rest of the couples on the show.”

Chris Colfer’s portrayal of Kurt won the 2010 Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor in a Television Series, and two nominations for an Emmy in the Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series category.

Colfer also signed a deal this summer to write two children’s books.

Vanity Fair was forced to apologise earlier this year after a gay writer used the word ‘fags’ in an article about programme.