Twitter reacts angrily to Will Young receiving gay slur tweet

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Will Young has reported a Twitter user for a homophobic tweet last night, with the offending user defending himself by saying he was not anti-gay, because everyone “has a choice”.

Young, 32, addressed a comment directed at him on the micro-blogging site which said he was “such a bender”.

The musician replied: “now Bender? Is that homophobia? Do clarify…. Cos if so I can get the police on to you….. Have a think about it mate…. [sic]”

Young added he thought he would “report it anyway and see what they say”.

The user, based in the UK, responded that it was “definitely not homophobia, I have no issue, everyone has a choice”.

He later added: “Literally can’t say anything to famous people these days, it’s only twitter for god sake. All their fans on you like a ton of bricks.”

Other users who took exception to the tweet rounded on the original poster, calling him homophobic and later “ugly”, for which he apologised before asking why people were not at work.

One user suggested that he apologise to Young, adding that considering his age he “probably didn’t mean to be offensive”.