Cardi B calls out ‘ugly homophobes’ in peak Cardi B fashion

Cardi B posing on the red carpet at the American Music Awards 2021

Cardi B had a clear message for homophobes: “You just ugly.”

The outspoken rapper has fast become an ally for members of the LGBT+ community, with the hitmaker helping to officiate gay weddings as well as clapping back at homophobic debates online.

Tuesday (4 January) saw the “Bodak Yellow” singer take to Twitter to share her thoughts about homophobia with fans – in typical Cardi B style, of course.

The 29-year-old wrote: “Every bad b***h have a gay best friend or gay best friend cousin ……If you homophobic you just ugly(sic).”

She said what she said!

The musician’s followers were in agreement as one wrote: “And they be the best damn friends you’ll ever have.”

“PERIODDDDDDDDDDD”, another replied while one fan added: “Purrrr TELL EM’ (Rainbow emoji)”.

Just weeks before, Cardi B took time to weight in on an online debate about gender roles for young children.

Some found issue with photos of young boys playing with kitchen sets, claiming the image projected “wrong ideals”. One online commenter wrote: “DO NOT buy your son a kitchen set for Christmas… get him a tool set… don’t put the wrong ideals in ya son head at an early age.”

In response, a Twitter user reposted the image of the boy and commented: “People on facebook having a full blown gender war about this photo.”

The tweet soon caught the eye of Cardi B, who was quick to deliver a takedown.

“The fact that Ryans world the little boy from YOuTube make millions and he have a kitchen set like this and y’all worry about if this gay or not ??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️ Stop being so close minded and dumb,” the rapper wrote.