Muslim leader in Ghana offers anti-gay Christmas message

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The National Chief Immam of Ghana issued a Christmas message this year which praised the efforts of Christians and members of other religions for their efforts to denounce homosexuality.

GhanaWeb reports that Sheikh Dr Osman Nuhu Sharubutu issued the message to wish Christians well during their festivities.

He reportedly said the support and guidance of Allah was necessary to meet the standard of moral behaviour exhibited by the Prophet Mohammed and by Jesus Christ.

He added: “We must persistently seek ways and means to glorify Allah by doing the right thing and abstaining from the evils such as homosexuality and crime against one another.”

Sheikh Sharubutu also congratulated religious leaders on joint efforts to denounce the spread of homosexuality.

Roughly 15% of Ghana’s population is Muslim, compared with 70% who follow Christianity. Most Muslims are located in the country’s northern region.

Earlier this month, a Ghanaian official from the Education Ministry said they were “optimistic” they could eliminate homosexuality.

They said informing young people of the risks of a sexually active lifestyle, including the spread of HIV, would make being gay “a thing of the past”.

Ghana’s president, John Atta Mills told the BBC in November: “I, as president, will never initiate or support any attempt to legalise homosexuality in Ghana.”