Video: President Obama and Jimmy Kimmel make gay-friendly jokes at reception

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During the annual White House Correspondents’ Dinner yesterday, President Obama said that if his first term saw the repeal of the infamous ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ policy, the second term would introduce a policy called ‘It’s Raining Men.’

As is traditional, during the black-tie event, attended by politicians and media representatives from around the country, the President took swipes at himself during his speech, and then at his presumptive rival, Republican Mitt Romney.

“Anyway, it’s great to be here this evening in the vast, magnificent Hilton ballroom,” Mr Obama said, adding, “or what Mitt Romney would call a little fixer-upper.”

He then noted that DADT was repealed during his first term in office, which got a resounding applause from the audience. “In my second term,” he added, “we will replace it with a policy known as ‘It’s Raining Men.'”

Meanwhile, the host for the evening, Jimmy Kimmel, had a go at Senator Rick Santorum for his opposition to equal marriage. “You know,” he began, “it’s one thing to oppose gay marriage. It’s another all together to do it in a sweater vest.”

Then, it was the turn of Newt Gingrich, who recently recorded a video to support the anti-equality Amendment One in North Carolina. Mr Kimmel said: “Newt I have a question. How can you be against gay marriage when you yourself are the son of two gay parents? The Michelin [Man] and the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man.”

And then: “I don’t understand politicians who are against gay marriage. I don’t understand anyone who’s against gay marriage. When you really think about it, aren’t all marriages kind of gay? I mean, as a man when you get married essentially what you’re saying is, “I will never touch another woman as long as I live. Now let’s put jewelry on each other and dance.'”

The full video of the event is available here at C-SPAN.