Bisexual councillor in Thanet fears ‘hate campaign’

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A bisexual councillor in Kent has said that he may be the target of a homophobic campaign, after receiving a hostile voicemail message, the BBC reports.

John Warrow, an independent councillor on the Thanet District Council, has said that a voicemail left on his phone said, “with a bit of luck, you’ll get AIDS,”a voice which he recognised.

He told the BBC: “I fear that it could be part of very nasty homophobic hate campaign against me.” He added that he feared for his safety, as he might be the target of political extremists.

Thanet District Council became the first local authority in Kent to support equal marriage in April. It was the second council in England, after Southwark, to affirm their pro-equality position.

A spokesperson for Kent Police confirmed that the incident is being investigated.