Ghana: Newspaper says 82 percent ‘abhor gays’ due to religious affiliation

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

A Ghanaian newspaper has claimed 82 percent of citizens ‘abhor homosexuality’ solely because they subscribe to religions whose leaders have spoken out against gay activity.

The Informer used recent census data along with records of public statements by religious leaders to infer the figure, although the census itself did not ask for people’s views on homosexuality.

Of the nearly 25 million people in Ghana, the paper reported that 28.3 percent were Pentecostal/Charismatic, 18.4 percent Protestant, 17.6 percent Muslim; 13.1 percent Catholic and 11.4 percent Other Christian.

5.3 percent did not belong to any religion and 5.2 percent identified as Traditionalist.

The figures do not appear to take account of age but the paper suggests that pronouncements by religious leaders connected to the faiths show 82 percent of Ghanaians are vehemently opposed to homosexuality on faith grounds.

Although homophobia is widespread in the state, one commenter said it was “false” to report that religious affiliation alone could be used to determine a population’s views on homosexuality.

Another argued homosexuality was a “European cultural life style choice” being used to “sabotage” African fertility.

One commenter on the story said gays are “also creations of God. Let them be. If you have to arrest anyone… Arrest GOD for HIS creation.”