Lauryn Hill condemned for ‘homophobic’ lyrics on new track

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US singer Lauryn HIll has been slammed by critics for her latest song, which some said contains “homophobic” lyrics, and portrays drag queens, as a negative aspect of modern society.

Hill, a singer, rapper and actress, debuted new cut Neurotic Society earlier in May, and revealed that she had signed a new record deal.

Lyrics from the song include: “Social transvestism”, “Commerce and girl men”, “Greedy men and pride fiends”, and “Quick scam and drag queens… Real life’s been blasphemed”.

The Fugees star has come under heavy criticism, however, as BET critic Monica Miller, has said the track contains homophobic jibes, and attacks drag queens, which are portrayed as negative aspects of how society has become a “shambles”.

“Whether or not Hill is merely using these comments as examples of the smokescreens and sleight-of-hands that pervade this ‘Neurotic Society’ is unclear,” wrote Miller.

“Beyond intention, these sorts of statements suggest that society is in a shambles because it’s been taking too many cues from the LGBTQ community, acting like ‘girl men’, ‘drag queens’ and ‘transvestites’.”

She continued, asking: “Is her beef with oppressive society or is her issue with people who don’t abide by a traditional family structure?”

After failing to file tax returns for $1.8 million (£1.2 million) she earned between 2005 and 2007, Hill was recently sentenced to three months in prison, and fined $60,000 (£40,000) for tax evasion.

The full track is available to listen to below.