Street art showing Obama wearing pro-equal marriage T-shirt appears outside London restaurant

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An image showing President Obama wearing an iconic red equal marriage T-shirt has appeared on the wall of a restaurant in north London.

The mysterious piece of street art illustrates the US leader ripping open a white shirt, superman-style, to reveal the Human Rights Campaign’s famous pink and red square emblem.

Produced by the artist Pegasus, it can be viewed outside Bistro De La Gare, Pentonville Rd, Kings Cross, London.

However, the artist has revealed that his latest creation has attracted scorn from homophobes.

Hateful posts on his Facebook page include: “I will find the wall and burn it down.”

“If you support gay marriage then you deserve to die from AIDS.”

And: “You must be apart of the illuminati brainwashing innocent people into supporting gay marriage and infecting more of the worlds population.”

President Obama became the first US president to announce their support for marriage equality in May 2012.