US radio host: Homosexuality is caused by a ‘hormone imbalance’ just like obesity, and can be ‘unlearned’

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A US radio host has spoken on her programme to suggest that being gay is due to a “hormone imbalance”, similar to people who have eating disorders and become obese, and that it is a behaviour which can simply be “unlearned”.

Linda Harvey, of the adamantly anti-gay Mission America, spoke on her radio show to link people who are gay to those who have “a hormonal imbalance” similar to those who have problems with “weight gain”.

She then suggested that being gay is simply a “behaviour”, like overeating, which it is possible to “unlearn”.

Harvey said: “Many people struggle with appetites for food that lead to obesity but very few were born with a hormonal imbalance leading to weight gain, almost everyone learned these appetites along the way so unlearning them will also be a step-by-step process but it is most certainly possible, starting with facing the truth. It’s kind of similar with homosexual feelings. But no, the world’s message today is go for it, declare yourself and join the out-and-proud community.”

Continuing, she said the gay community depended on “feelings, identity and behaviour: FIB…. And yes, that’s exactly what homosexuality becomes if acted upon. It’s a big lie.”

Weighing in on the argument surrounding a gay Ohio couple who had their out-of-state marriage recognised last week by a judge because one of them is terminally ill, Harvey dismissed the case as “nonsense”.

Last month, Harvey attacked the US Supreme Court for its rulings in two key equal marriage cases, to call the justices “clueless, immoral leadership”.