US radio host: Katy Perry is flirting with Satanism

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A US radio host has attacked Katy Perry’s performance of I Kissed a Girl at the Super Bowl – claiming she is “flirting with Satanism”.

Right-wing Christian radio host Linda Harvey – known for her work with anti-gay hate group Mission:America – made the claim in an article for BarbWire.

She wrote: “The half-time performance of Katy Perry at the 2015 Super Bowl seemed to be all about choice.

“While the show was a spectacle on a grand scale, the content was shady.

“Perry held out foolish choices with eternal consequences on an altar of defiance. Sexual confusion is a natural companion to spiritual apostasy.

“Perry proceeded to bend over in some suggestive twerking with Lenny Kravitz and then sang another hit, telling us that she ‘kissed a girl and liked it.’

“The lyrics go on to say, ‘I hope my boyfriend don’t mind it.’

“This 2008 song is a prime expose of the lies embedded in the homosexual agenda. Not that Perry leads that effort.

“Just like her flirtation with Satan, she’s merely joining and providing theme music for a movement that long pre-dates her.

“There would be a predictable reaction if a well-known homosexual man crooned that he had ‘kissed a boy and liked it’ and he ‘hopes his boyfriend don’t mind it.’

“If such a song even saw the light of day, it would be instantly labeled bigotry, hate and right-wing extremism.

“After all, one is never allowed to experiment in that direction. Satan and his mouthpieces will make sure such a notion never gains traction.”

(h/t RightWingWatch)