Danish Government warns Russia over anti-gay law.

The Government of Denmark has issued a warning to Russia over the recently passed gay propaganda law in the run up to the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics.

Denmark’s Foreign Minister, Villy Søvndal warned Russia they would raise the issue at the European Council and potentially take the issue to the United Nations should Russia continue down its current path. He said: “The law is objectionable. It risks fostering discrimination and the abuse of minorities in Russian society – something we have already seen examples of, and to which the law gives the stamp of approval. We will hold Russia to its international obligations.”

Crown Prince of Denmark, Prince Frederik who is the Olympic Committee’s representative for Denmark has also added his voice to the debate and warned Russia that they are acting contrary to the Olympic Charter and Russia must not partake in discrimination against any minority group.

Earlier in the week German Foreign Minister, Guido Westerwelle also released a statement condemning the “unacceptable treatment” of LGBT people in Russia.

The Olympic Committee are currently awaiting further clarification from Russia over the recently passed legislation in Russia and have warned against athletes carrying rights symbols at the Games or they may face disciplinary action from the International Olympic Committee.

President Vladimir Putin has issued assurances that the law shall not interfere with the smooth running of the Games but lawmakers in the country have confirmed that anti-gay legislation shall remain in effect while the Olympics take place.