Stephen Fry: Twitter allows me to avoid ‘loathsome bottom-feeder’ journalists

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Gay actor, author and comedian, Stephen Fry has described a journalist who questioned whether he wrote his own tweets as a “loathsome bottom-feeder”.

“One of the chief glories of Twitter, from my point of view, is that it allows me to short-circuit loathsome bottom-feeders of his kind,” Fry wrote in a blog posting.

“If I do a TV chat show, or a radio interview people are free to think I’m a wanker, because at least it’s me they’re listening to or watching.

“Not some ‘profile’ version of me filtered through the envious, mean-spirited spite of an arse-hole journalist whose only attainment is the ability to sneer.”

Fry is an avid user of Twitter and has more than 6 million followers.

His decision in August to publish an open letter on his blog urging Prime Minister David Cameron to support calls to move the 2014 Winter Olympics from Russia – due to the country’s anti-gay laws – garnered much media attention.

Speaking at last month’s Downing Street protest against Russia’s homophobic censorship laws, Fry said to “The way to stop a tyrant like Putin is to inconvenience him – to do the things he least wants you to do and to mock him – to have contempt for him and not to talk to him directly [and] not to recognise him as the legitimate voice of Russia because I don’t think he is.”