Charity says rise in lesbian domestic violence in Scotland due to increased reporting

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A rise in the number of Scottish women detailing violence in same-sex relationships is down to increased reporting and not increased abuse, according to an LGBT charity.

Broken Rainbow UK has commented on figures released by the Scottish Government showing domestic violence among lesbians up by 6.9%.

Among gay men from 2012 to this year there was a 2.7% increase. These increases in same-sex domestic abuse are against a backdrop of just 1.6% increase in reporting overall in Scotland.

The Chair of Broken Rainbow UK, Jo Harvey Barringer, said: “Research has consistently shown that the prevalence of domestic violence in LGB relationships is broadly in line with that of the general population, however the difference comes when looking at reporting, LGB people frequently do not feel confident to report incidents to the authorities.

“This increase in reporting in Scotland demonstrates a shift in this perception amongst those experiencing same-sex domestic abuse. A shift that is in line with the support that we offer our helpline callers in considering reporting and with the training and advice we offer to statutory agencies.

“We hope that this is the beginning of a trend that sees further increases in confidence to report, to be understood and to be taken seriously by the police.”

Mark Delacour, Development and Engagement Manager at Broken Rainbow UK added: “We are very excited to be working with Scottish partners such and Gaysgay! Festival, which launched yesterday at Glasgow City Chambers, ensuring LGBT people in Scotland are aware of our services. We plan to be doing even more targeted work in Scotland over the coming 12 months.”