Taiwan: Thousands attend concert in support of equal marriage

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

Almost 20,000 people attended a free concert in Taipei on Sunday, in support of Taiwan’s passage towards legalising same-sex marriage.

Organised by pop singer A-mei, the concert was attended by many holding rainbow pride flags, and kicked off at 6pm in the pouring rain with thousands already queued outside the venue.

According to Focus Taiwan, A-mei funded the cost of the concert herself, which amounted to over NT$3 million (£61,000).

It was held in support of a bill which aims to amend the civil code to allow same-sex marriages.

The Bill, proposed by opposition Democratic Progressive Party lawmakers, is set to be debated by the Parliament’s judiciary committee.

“The concert was planned too hastily, all my makeup artists are busy,” said A-mei at the start of her concert.

“The weather is so cold. Do you feel warm?” the singer asked, to which the crowd screamed “yes!”

She added: “I heard that someone brought their parents here. That’s right. We are here today to let everyone, including our parents, know about our love.

“So today, show your love generously.”

In September, more than 1,200 activists in Taiwan took part in a mock “wedding banquet” in a similar bid for equal marriage.

In October, thousands also marched in Taipei, holding rainbow flags, colourful placards and balloons, in support of the bill.