This British soldier mocks a beaten gay teen in the most horrific way possible

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The British Army is investigating a series of homophobic and threatening remarks made by a soldier in response to a teenager who claims to have been subjected to a vicious homophobic attack.

Posting to a public Facebook profile under the name ‘Dean Venno’, Infantry Rifleman Dean Ventre, said he was “sick of gay lads posting pictures of them[selves]”, following violent homophobic attacks.

He was responding to an image of a student from Blackpool who suffered serious damage to his teeth and face in an assault which he said was motivated by homophobia.

Despite assertions by female Facebook friends of Ventre that they were bisexual or gay, he maintained his position.

In a series of other posts, the soldier, who has in the past been posted in Afghanistan, threatened those who questioned him with violence, and made jokes about the fact that the teeth


He went on:


Threatening the boyfriend of a girl who questioned why he made the comments in response to the post, he said: “Comment on my status again and when I see your fella ile punch his head in.”

In previous posts, he made references to wanting to assault people, talking about knocking peoples’ teeth out and using them as weapons to further assault them.


As well as the text posts, Ventre posted a series of photographs of himself showering with other men, kissing men and a photo of a tattoo which reads: “Death before dishonour. Loyalty. Trust. Respect.”




In another post, he admitted to crying several times at the film ‘PS. I Love You’.

After telling PinkNews that it had no record of Dean Ventre, a British Army spokesperson confirmed to PinkNews that he is currently serving. They said the Army “will look into this”, and that “we don’t condone homophobic views.”

The Facebook page titled ‘Dean Venno’, has been taken down since PinkNews contacted the Ministry of Defence, but a page titled ‘Dean Venno’s homosexual support group’ has appeared.

The British Army Twitter page has also since tweeted social media guidelines for troops, which includes instructions like: “Do not be a bully, discriminate against or make personal attacks in social media forums.”

And: “Do not embarrass or bring your Service or Defence into disrepute. This includes sharing any offensive or sensitive materials.”

Since publication, Stephen Fry has tweeted: “No accident that this repulsive homophobe is functionally illiterate. Homophobia & ignorance always go hand in hand.”

To which Olympic Gold-Medal winning athlete Greg Rutherford responded: “An utter disgrace. It’s people like that giving others a bad name. I hope he’s strongly reprimanded (& given an english lesson).”