Was it really necessary for a shop to block this magazine cover featuring lesbian brides?

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

MJS Stincol

This shop in the US state of Wisconsin has found itself the subject of strong criticism, as it made an executive decision to block the front cover of a magazine because it shows a pair of lesbian brides almost touching each other.

Sendik’s Fine Foods in Milwaukee placed a black board over the cover of Milwaukee magazine, after one customer complained that they found it offensive.

The cover image was accompanied by the headline: “For love and money. Same sex marriage is big business, and Wisconsin is losing out on millions.”

Since the image went viral on social media, all barriers to the cover have been removed as many pointed out that the brides were barely even touching each other in the image.

The store said it was re-evaluating its policy on covering up some magazines.

The Wisconsin constitution currently bans same-sex marriage, although there are some discrimination protections for gay and lesbian people.