UKIP Councillor: Bisexuals and trans people are ‘part time homosexuals’

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

A UKIP councillor has labelled bisexuals and trans people ‘part time homosexuals’.

Samuel Fletcher, a UKIP town councillor for Bracken Bank and Ingrow Ward in Keighley, had previously admitted to being “baffled” by lesbians in January.

According to, the UK Independence Party politician took to Facebook again yesterday, arguing that bisexuals are “part-time homosexuals”, and that “a trans-sexual is someone who changes their own sexuality in order to appeal to either of the opposite sex, so that also makes someone a kind of part time homosexual”.

Fletcher also admitted to being “a bit confused about trans-sexuals”, reporting that he had “just realised a man could change himself into a woman in order to attract a man”, which he says “wouldn’t be homosexual at all”.

In his previous comments he had compared gay people to mushrooms, saying: “I used to really hate the texture when I was a child. Now I can tolerate them.”

In an question and answer session with on Tuesday, Nigel Farage admitted “there will always be those whose comments will cause embarrassment” within the party.