UKIP candidate with ‘Nazi inspired’ tattoos appears naked in photos with a cat

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.


A UKIP council candidate with what appear to be ‘Nazi’ tattoos has appeared in a photo book naked alongside another man, also naked, who looks set to snort a white powder off the back of a naked woman.

Kevin O’Doherty, a UKIP candidate for Hastings, where the party already has one councillor, appears in the Dualism Volume 2 art book (NSFW).

His tattoos appear to show ‘Nazi inspired’ images of planes diving towards a Jewish Star of David.


The images first appeared on Political Scrapbook which reports that the tattoos also appear in other images of the candidate.

In another photo on his StarNow modelling profile (also NSFW), O’Doherty poses naked with a cat, and another naked model.


O’Doherty has in the past caused controversy by claiming on Facebook that “there is no such thing as a benign Muslim”.

On whether he will be disciplined or not, a UKIP spokesman told Political Scrapbook: “Where evidence is produced to indicate a breach it will be considered at the earliest opportunity by the National Executive Committee as part of an established disciplinary procedure.​”

Kevin Odoherty

Former UKIP parliamentary candidate Julia Gasper previously wrote a paper questioning whether gay people sent to death camps during the Holocaust were only sent there because they were also Jewish.

Up to 15,000 gay men were sent to concentration camps but many more were exposed to inhumane treatment in police prisons during World War Two.