Fox News psychiatrist: Equal marriage will lead to ‘three humans and a dog’ marriage

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A Fox News pundit has claimed that people will soon be able to enter into special marriages for three people and a dog.

Fox’s resident ‘psychiatrist’ Keith Ablow made the claim while denouncing California Governor Jerry Brown for signing legislation on Monday updating the state’s Family Code to cater for same-sex couples.

Ablow claimed “Get ready for the cards and letters… [it’s] nuts!

“Here’s the thing, the state needs to get out of the marriage business.

“There’s no way that the state of California can deny a marriage license to four spouses now, eight spouses, or I would say three human spouses and the canine they absolutely love.

“If love is the foundation of marriage… they can love their dog too.”

The Fox hosts quickly cut him off, saying: “You are one lucky guy Keith!”

Last year, Ablow claimed: “Marriage is over.

“It was always at least a little funny that a huge percentage of people swore to stay together until death, then divorced and remarried.

“But, now, it is, officially, judicially, a joke. If two men can marry, and three men can marry, and five women and a man can marry, and three men and two women can marry, then marriage has no meaning.

“I received threats of being raped and being killed from gay people who didn’t like the point I was making and seemed to think I should be brutalised or die for it.”

Watch the clip below: