US: Republican Senator who supports same-sex marriage hints at Presidential run

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

Republican Senator Rob Portman – who supports same-sex marriage – has hinted that he will run for President.

Portman said in an interview with the Washington Post: “If I don’t see someone addressing those kinds of issues and providing a hopeful, optimistic future for our country then I might consider [running].”

“[Equal marriage] has opened the door for a broader conversation on economic and fiscal issues.

“You can’t become a national party unless you do a better job reaching those between 18 and 30. They are the voters of tomorrow, and we want them to listen to us on jobs and Obamacare.

“Some people say, ‘I don’t care about that, I care only about the marriage issue’, and I get that, but we’ve got to show respect for both sides.

“Respect is important — respect for people’s religious views, respect for personal experience. It should be a sincere and healthy dialogue.”

Portman reversed his previous stance last year to support for same-sex marriage, after his own son came out as gay.

If Portman does run, he could be the first Republican presidential candidate to openly back same-sex marriage.

Republican strategist Karl Rove – who was Senior Advisor to George W Bush during his presidency – had previously predicted the 2016 Republican presidential candidate may support marriage equality, though few of the rumoured contenders have so far done so.

Republican Rick Santorum, who is also a potential Presidential candidate, claimed last month that people who oppose gay rights are being sent to re-education camps.