This BNP Youth member’s dog might be gay – but he doesn’t like it

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

In a bizzare online rant, a member of BNP Youth appeared to give a stern warning to his dog not to show signs of being gay.

Jack Renshaw, a student at Manchester University took to Facebook to complain that his dog had been “licking the penises of other male dogs”, and warned his pet, Derek, not to “challenge his principles” in doing so.

“I wish my dog would stop licking the penises of other male dogs. I love you, Derek (my dog) – but – don’t challenge my principles because my principles will likely win,” he wrote.


A screenshot of the Facebook post was tweeted by the account EDL News.

— EDL News (@edlnews) July 9, 2014

Renshaw earlier this year starred in a recruitment video released BNP Youth, which claimed that “militant homosexuals” are part of an “unholy alliance” taking charge of the country in order to destroy families.

The party’s leader, Nick Griffin, was declared bankrupt earlier this year.

The 54-year-old previously described gay people as “creepy” and admitted that he would like to ban civil partnerships.

The BNP Youth recruitment video is available to view below