Quiz: Can these cats tell if you’re gay?

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Can we deduce your sexuality from your favourite cats?

Obviously, cats and kittens in all their guises are wonderful fluffballs of fun.

But did you know that your preference for different cats gives some pretty clues about your sexuality?

Try our quiz below, and see if our Very Serious Feline Sexuality Exam can get the right answer… (This might take a second to load!)

Of course, there’s no shortage of gay animals in real life, including in the feline world.

Hundreds of species of animals have been observed “exhibiting homosexual behaviour”.

This includes same-sex parenting (penguins are famous for it), affection (in polar bears), courtship and pair bonding, that also includes sexual behaviour, including mating games, sexual display behaviour, genital stimulation and full-on copulation.

Indeed, back in 2006, the Natural History Museum in Oslo hosted Against Nature? the first-ever museum exhibition dedicated to gay animals, claiming that same-sex behaviours had been observed in 1,500 different species.

That includes everything from dolphins and penguins to giraffes and chimpanzees.

Then there was the case of Benjy the bull – condemned to death for his supposed gay leanings but saved in part by The Simpsons creator Sam Simon after a fundraising drive.

A twist came a year later when Benjy appeared to come out as bisexual, perhaps, when he tried to mate with cows.

Sometimes, it all gets a little silly.

Back in 2014, a youth member of the far-right British political party the BNP Jack Renshaw complained on Facebook about his dog “licking the penises of other male dogs”.

“Don’t challenge my principles,” he added to his poor pup, “because my principles will likely win”.

A less chucklesome approach to a “gay dog” happened in Tennesse in 2013.

dog was taken to an overcrowded kennel and condemned to death after his owner decided his hunching over another male dog meant he was homosexual.

Thankfully, Elton, as he was later named, was saved from being put down when a new owner was found after a Facebook appeal.