American pastor: God should drop a nuclear bomb on the US because we have gay ambassadors

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Pastor Rick Scarborough has claimed that God would be justified in destroying the US because it has gay ambassadors.

In a sermon at his Florida church, which was reported by Right Wing Watch: “Every day I’m amazed we live another day, that God gives us grace.

“This thing could all come crashing down, either economically, or with a series of dirty bombs going off in our major cities, or one major nuclear bomb that would destroy half the country and contaminate the rest, and if that happens, God is perfectly just and vindicated because we have squandered our grace in this country.”

He goes on to show a ‘website’, the existence of which could not be verified, which he claims shows that the US flies rainbow flags from all of its embassies.

He claims: “You want to know why the Arab world calls us The Great Satan?

“In a June 23 speech to a group of foreign affairs officers, Secretary Kerry proudly acknowledged there are now five openly professing homosexual US ambassadors, with a sixth on his way to Vietnam.

“How far we have fallen. When will pastors, and when will Christians stand up and say, ‘Enough is enough?’”

Scarborough is the founder of Vision America, an organisation which seeks to encourage pastors to mobilise their congregations in order to restore “Judeo-Christian values to the moral and civic framework in their communities, states, and our nation”.

Scarborough recently defended Russia’s crackdown on gay rights, and claimed that God would rebuke anyone who criticised it.