Trump supporter wants special counsel to investigate ‘homosexual groups’

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

Here’s something bigger than Russiagate! A conservative Trump supporter has called for the appointment of a special counsel to investigate gay rights groups.

Linda Harvey,the founder of anti-LGBT Christian group Mission America, made the claim in an online news clip.

In the clip, Harvey appears to refer to the appointment of Robert Mueller, the special counsel who is overseeing a probe into alleged ties between the Russian government and campaign of President Donald Trump.

The activist, who endorsed Trump for President, says: “Now here’s something that deserves a special counsel, the outrageous actions of major homosexual groups trying to normalise this behaviour throughout all of America.
Linda Harvey
“They continue to twist the truth, blatantly engage in religious discrimination, demand that people lose jobs and corrupt children.”

Explaining her charge, she said: “We oppose hijacking of school bullying programmes to promote the harmful and deviant behaviours of homosexuality and gender confusion.

“Unfortunately, most of America’s students now learn, thanks to these manipulators, that in order to take a strong stand against bullying, you have to accept these behaviours.

“No, you don’t! No-one has to approve of these sins in order to deal effectively with bullying.”

She added: “It’s more than obvious that homosexuality is wrong.

“God has declared it a grave sin and you know it’s not just the sexual aspects of such sin that is the problem; it’s the destructive anti-Christian attitudes that flow out of insisting on this rebellion.

“This is the rotten fruit of this movement. It seems to poison the heart, mind and spirit.”

Listen to the clip via Right Wing Watch below:

Harvey recently praised Donald Trump for abolishing the traditional LGBT Pride Month proclamation that had become annual under Barack Obama.

She claimed: “The good news is that President Trump has not issued a June ‘gay pride’ proclamation, as Barack Obama did during his two terms.

“Meanwhile, cities continue to abase themselves locally with their summer celebrations of sodomy.

“How can any American city? And when are parents, grandparents and the Christian church going to rise up and say, NO MORE?

“In this country, there’s very little rollback of the incessant march toward ‘LGBTQ’ dominance. ‘Pride’ will prance through the streets of hundreds of U.S. cities this summer.”

Harvey recently claimed Jesus “bled on the cross” to make sure that gay people become heterosexual.

Republican Senator Ted Cruz previously said he is “proud” to be backed by Harvey.

She claimed previously that people only become gay because of “child molestation” or due to “other traumatic childhood experiences in childhood to neglectful, disordered or abusive parents.”

In her long history of disturbing and often extremist far-right rhetoric, the activist has repeatedly linked homosexuality with paedophilia, claimed equal marriage will cause the apocalypse, denied that homophobic violence exists, claimed homeless gay youths only have themselves to blame, and accused Katy Perry of flirting with Satanism.