Argentinian Football Association pledges support to gay football squad

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The Argentinian Football Association has committed its support to the gay football team chosen to represent the country at the next Gay Games.

Representatives of the Argentine Homosexual Community (CHA) and the Argentine Selection of Gay Football (SAFG) met managers of the AFA on 29th July at its headquarters, where the AFA promised their support to the team’s activities, in accordance with a policy of no discrimination.

The meeting happened after the CHA requested to collaborate with and be supported by the AFA before the squad participated in the next Gay Games, which will take place from the 9th to the 16th of August in Cleveland, Ohio.

During the 40 minute meeting, the the CHA’s representatives and members of the football team were received by the AFA’s press adviser, Ernesto Cherquis Bialo, who was representing its president Julio Grondona.

The president of the CHA, César Cigliutti, showed satisfaction with the result of the meeting, reported Página 12.

“Cherquis Bialo gave us a message from Grondona, who said he was ‘very comforted and pleased to collaborate’ with the work we are doing with the gay football team and the work of the CHA”, he said.

Ciglutti affirmed that “Grondona, as president of the AFA, works like the CHA on the theme of no discrimination” and that Cherquis Bailo received them with grace. “They feel at home and very welcome”, he said.

The president and vice president of the Selection of Gay Football, Walter García y Juan Carlos Duarte, and the captain of the team, Christian Páez, also participated in the meeting.