Study shows that women really like watching gay men have sex

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According to a new study into users’ porn viewing habits, videos of gay porn were in the top two watched by women.

The Pornhub and Buzzfeed study examined data segmented by gender, to ascertain the types of porn women and men search for and watch most frequently.


Image: Buzzfeed

For women, and second only to lesbian porn, gay male porn was extremely popular with respondents. “Teen”, “for women”, “MILF” and “mature” were also high up on the list of videos watched by women.


Group sex was also a popular search term for women, with the term “gangbang”, featuring high up in the most searched items.

In searches for porn stars, for some reason Kim Kardashian came first on Pornhub for women.

Earlier this year the Telegraph reported that gay porn was a “great way to get sex tips” for women.

Blogs such as FoxyGirls have been set up for female fans of gay porn sites such as CockyBoys.