US: Same-sex weddings resume in Utah after Supreme Court decision

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Same-sex couples have resumed marrying in Utah, after the Supreme Court declined to rule on a previous case striking down the state’s same-sex marriage ban.

Earlier today, the US Supreme Court today rejected seven pending appeals in lawsuits fighting for marriage bans from across the US – which could allow same-sex weddings to begin in as many as 11 states.

Utah previously performed over 1300 same-sex marriages while the unions were briefly legal for 17 days last year – but couples have struggled for legal recognition from the state, after the ban was put back in place.

As the Supreme Court refused to hear an appeal today, the stay is no longer enforceable and the state must comply and introduce equal marriage.

Weddings have also taken place in Virginia, while a clerk in Indiana has begun issuing marriage licenses.

One of the plaintiffs in the case said: “This is a day of celebration and victory for all of Utah, for all families,

“Now it’s not ‘maybe — well kind of. We are married.

“The state will recognize our marriage and the community will, as well.”