Australia: Councillor trying to ban ‘promotion’ of homosexuality

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A councillor in Australia is attempting to put a ban on the ‘promotion’ of homosexuality.

Rosalie Crestani, who is a councillor in the City of Casey for right-wing party Rise Up Australia, submitted a motion calling for a number of measures.

In it, she called for Casey to stop all diversity training, and to put a ban on media releases pertaining to sexual orientation.

She also called for pro-gay signs on council premises to be torn down, and for the promotion of gay interests to be banned for ‘discriminating’ against straight people.

Her first attempt to pass the law failed this week, when a councillor boycotted the meeting and caused it to be dissolved.

Councillor Rafal Kaplon told the Herald Sun: “[Her] motion was nothing more than a cheap political ploy by the Rise up Australia Party … to gain traction before the state election by picking on the Muslim and gay-lesbian minority groups.”

Liberal MP Brad Battin said: “Tonight at the Casey Council a councillor put a motion that I want to say is out of line with community views.

“Cr Crestani moved a motion that was in my view a step backwards.

“I understand this is the view of Rise Up Australia and can I please encourage you to look it up before voting in the state election.

“We need to support all in our community and people who identify as GLTBI are at higher risk of mental health issues and suicide.

“Do not support this motion, rather speak out against it.”