Oops: UKIP thought Westminster Cathedral was a mosque

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Responding to a BBC survey of whether voters think Nigel Farage has “got what it takes to be Prime Minister”, UKIP tweeted to complain that the booth was set up outside a mosque, even though it was actually in front of Westminster Cathedral.

BBC’s Daily Politics tweeted a picture of the experiment on Tuesday, where members of the public were asked to drop a ball into either “yes” or “no” to whether or not Farage is ready to be PM.

UKIP’s official South Thanet Twitter account responed to accuse the BBC of being “selective” in its choice of location – claiming the vote was taking place “in front of a mosque”.


Westminster Cathedral (not a mosque)

The tweet continued: “The BBC’s random means selective.”

Many quickly pointed out that the mosque the tweet referred to was actually Westminster Cathedral, and the hashtag #ThingsThatAreNotMosques was used to tweet a variety of things which sound like mosques, but which aren’t.

Some pointed to the incident when the English Defence League (EDL) thought Brighton Pavillion was a mosque, others tweeted images of things like Mosquitos, Kate Moss, actual moss, and masks.

The UKIP Twitter account later admitted being wrong about the mosque, but maintained that there was no way the vote could have been random.

UKIP leader Farage has been widely condemned, after he said he would limit entry to the UK to: “People who do not have HIV, to be frank. That’s a good start. And people with a skill.”

The former deputy leader of UKIP yesterday claimed that AIDS is the “wages” of gay promiscuity, and that gay men sleep with 20,000 people in their “short, miserable lives”.