Did Benedict Cumberbatch just out Sherlock as gay?

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

Benedict Cumberbatch has hinted that his character in the hit BBC series Sherlock prefers men to women.

The British actor, who plays legendary detective Sherlock Holmes, was asked about the similarities between Sherlock and Doctor Who during an interview with The Nerdist podcast.

“One uses a sonic screwdriver and time travel and the other uses his brain and isn’t 900 years old and isn’t reincarnated,” Cumberbatch replied.

“Sherlock talks fast and is clever, that’s literally the only bracket they share. They’ve got different dress senses, different tastes in the sex of their partners…”

Although it’s never been confirmed by the BBC if Cumberbatch’s Holmes is supposed to be gay – the chemistry between him and Watson (played by Martin Freeman) has left little to the imagination over the years.

During the first series in 2010, Watson asked Holmes whether he has a girlfriend. He replied: “Girlfriend, no. Not really my area.”