US radio host: Gays will die out because ‘they don’t reproduce’

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A US radio host has claimed that gay people will soon die out because “they can’t reproduce”.

The claim was made by Pat Robertson, the host of the 700 Club, on the controversial Christian radio programme.

On it, he responds to a caller who says her church has banned dating, who asks advice on how to respond.

“You know, those who are homosexual will die out because they don’t reproduce… You know, you have to have heterosexual sex to reproduce.”

“Same thing with that church, it’s doomed, it’s going to die out because it’s the most nonsensical thing I’ve heard in a long time.”

Robertson did advise the caller to “run” from her church, but failed to explain the conundrum of how gay, lesbian and bisexual people exist, if they were born to straight parents.