Watch: Viral voguing kid takes down homophobic haters

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A boy who rose to internet fame after a clip of him voguing in the back of a news report went viral has responded to homophobic messages.

15-year-old Brendan Jordan came to attention earlier this year after millions shared a clip of him stealing the show with poses in the background of Las Vegas news coverage.

He has since appeared on Queen Latifah’s talk show and signed up to model androgynous clothing for American Apparel – and attracted a vast number of homophobic messages along the way.

In a new YouTube video, the 15-year-old flawlessly takes down some of the anti-gay hate he received on the site.

In one comment, a user claims: “Talk about over the f**king top – I am all for equal rights but for f**k sake – have some f**king humility before you f**k it up for all gay people.”

Jordan responds: “Are you serious? Okay, if you are someone who thinks that just because I happen to be gay and happen to be like this, that you think all gay people are like that… That is so stupid. I’m a human, I’m not a gay.”

To someone who claims that gay men are always “over the top”, he responds: “This is the way I act. You know what? This is me. If you don’t like it, you can click the X button. You can go over to the top of the screen – you see that? That will turn off the video.”

When a user asks if he’s a “woman inside boy”, he fires back: “That’s a queen inside boy, honey.”

Watch the original clip again below: