Watch: Man drowns out homophobic preacher in the best way

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A man helped to drown out a homophobic preacher on a New York train – by singing a song from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

Voice actor Rob Maiale encountered the preacher on the New York City subway, when he was denouncing the sin of “fornication” and same-sex relationships.

However, when the preacher started harassing a same-sex couple, Mr Maiale decided to take matters into his own hands – drowning him out with a rendition of ‘I’ve Got A Golden Ticket’, from 1971 film Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory.

Mr Maiale told Buzzfeed: “I was riding the M train in from Bushwick when this man, who I’ve seen bothering riders before, begin preaching to passengers.

“Initially he was going on about fornication, okay fine. Then he started denouncing same sex relationships.

“Then, his ‘preaching’ shifted from a broad audience to a lesbian couple with their child.

Asking, ‘What are you going to tell that child when he asks why you’re living in sin and going to go to hell?’ – I decided that this guy wasn’t going to get to talk anymore.

“What the man was saying was so absurd and hateful that I figured the most disarming thing would be something equally absurd and joyful.

“It’s a snapshot from my childhood that embodies joy, overcoming adversity… and candy.”

Watch the original below: