Russell Brand attacks ‘dystopian’ bullying of Bruce Jenner over gender speculation

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Russell Brand has laid into media outlets including TMZ for speculating about the gender of former Olympian Bruce Jenner.

Last week,InTouch magazine published a cover featuring claims that the former Olympic gold medallist – who is the stepfather of the Kardashian siblings – has transitioned to female.

The magazine even mocked up a picture of Jenner as a woman, photoshopping on make-up and women’s clothes.

Comedian Russell Brand hit out at “c**ts” in the entertainment media for mocking Jenner.

On his YouTube show The Trews, he said: “This is bullying. Stop. Bruce Jenner is a human being.

“For some sections of the media, transphobia seems to be the most recent and encouraged form of prejudice, now that racism and homophobia are not tolerated.

“We can’t be homophobic anymore… can’t be racist anymore… but still can be transphobic though, can we?”

He added: “Don’t this seem like when you see Blade Runner, or some dystopian thing – when you see a bit of telly in a film from the future, and everything’s a bit ‘hello, we’re evil now!’

“It’s such a celebration of the worst aspects of human values. What this does is it sanctions people being judgemental and cruel towards transgender folk.

“This climate of bullying and judgement and cruelty is a violence of its own nature.”

In 2013, Russell Brand repeatedly denied claims by trans woman Lauren Harries that the pair had a fling.

Harries claimed to EQView last week that she wants to “slap [Brand] until he tells the truth”.

Watch the clip below: