Gay kiss artwork covered up by school after compaints

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A mural in a school hallway depicting a gay kiss was covered up after students complained about it.

The mural was in advance approved by the principal of Onoway High School in Edmonton, Canada, as well as the school’s art teacher.

After it was covered up by a bulletin board, as the school received complaints, principal James Trodden expressed concern that he should not have approved it.

He said: “At the time we should have put more thought into the bigger picture.”

“There are a bunch of issues … What is appropriate? Should it be in a school, should you allow kissing?” he asked.

“Should you allow same sex couples to have a picture of kissing?” he continued.

On Thursday this week, students ripped down the noticeboard to reveal the artwork.

The artist behind the mural, Kaela Wilton, said she wanted to show support gay people, especially those scared of persecution if they come out.

“Parents kiss and people on the street. It’s just natural,” she told CBC.

“I think it’s because they are two guys that it’s such an impact. We’re not used to seeing people of the same sex kissing.”