Poland: Transgender politician to run for President

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Poland’s first openly transgender lawmaker reportedly plans to run for President.

Anna Grodzka was elected as a Member of Parliament in Poland in 2011, in what is usually a notoriously conservative country.

According to Newsweek Poland, the politician confirmed her plans to run for President later this year for the Polish Green party.

She said: “Yes, I’ll be a presidential candidate.”

There are currently no openly transgender heads of state in the world, meaning that Grodzka – who is already the world’s only elected transgender MP – would make history again if successful.

However, current President Bronislaw Komorowski remains popular in the country, and is likely to be re-elected if he runs for a second term.

The Polish Green Party is also a relatively small party in the country – and she would have to win support from other left-wing groups to be considered a contender.

Ms Grodzka previously spoke to PinkNews about the difficulties of being trans in the country, saying: “Generally it’s hard but this is why I am doing this, to help others to inspire others.

“It’s difficult but I need to carry it on…it does affect my private life, it’s quite hard to share my life with another person with so much going on, but at the end of the day this is my life and I’m happy.”

“I hope I can show other transgender people that life is worth living.”

A bill to introduce registered partnerships for same-sex couples in the country failed to pass in December – the third such defeat on a similar measure.

Also in December, gay rights campaigner Robert Biedron was elected as the country’s first openly gay mayor, after he scooped 57% of the vote in the town of Slupsk.