Austria: Man arrested over murder of trans woman

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A man has been arrested in connection with the murder of a trans sex worker and activist in Vienna.

A 32 year old Serbian man has been arrested in connection with the murder of Hande Ö, a 35 year old trans activist, reports the Local.

Turkish asylum seeker Hande Ö’s body was found lying naked in her apartment in Vienna on January 19. Her hands were tied and she had been strangled with a towel.

DNA found at the scene led police to a 32-year-old Serbian man who had recently robbed another sex worker at a Thai massage studio, and a day later robbed an alternative healer.

The healer was able to give a description of the subject, leading police to make an arrest.

The man has reportedly admitted to the crime, saying he murdered the Turkish woman, who he had previously visited for sex, because he needed money.

He confessed to stealing money, personal items and two mobile phones from the woman.

Asylum in Need, which campaigns for the rights of asylum seekers, said Hande Ö was not allowed to work and started sex work to support herself.

They called for social support for asylum seekers, “from which one can live and is not forced into the underground economy or sex work”.