Imitation Game star Benedict Cumberbatch marries fiancée

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

Actor Benedict Cumberbatch has married his fiancée, Sophie Hunter.

The star – who played gay codebreaker Alan Turing in recent film The Imitation Game – tied the knot with Ms Hunter today in a characteristically private ceremony.

The pair first posted an engagement notice in The Times last year, and last month revealed they were expecting their first child.

They married this afternoon on the Isle of Wight, in front of family and friends in the St Peter & St Paul Church.

Gay actor Andrew Scott – who plays Moriarty in Sherlock – was one of the guests at the ceremony.

The wedding follows a run of bad news for the star – who walked away disappointed earlier this week when The Imitation Game was a susprise flop at the BAFTAs. The film failed to pick up a single BAFTA despite nine nominations, and being considered a frontrunner.

The film also managed to not win a single prize at the Golden Globes, despite five nominations – though it is up for eight Academy Awards later this month.

Turing’s biographer Andrew Hodges previously said he was “alarmed by the inaccuracies” in the film, adding: “They have built up the relationship with Joan much more than it actually was. Their relationship is invented.”

The Sherlock star claimed there was no need for gay sex in the film, saying: “If you need to see that to understand that he’s gay, then all is lost for any kind of subtle storytelling. It’s not something that needed to be made obvious.”